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Throw Yourself Into Fitness With Homeschool Judo Classes!

At Eastside Dojo, we hope to give homeschoolers from around Plano the opportunity to enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of Judo. Whether your child is a beginner or bringing prior experience to their first class, we'll proudly provide the training your child needs to match and exceed their goals.

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What Can Homeschool Judo Offer Your Child?

Judo classes will provide your child with a tremendous boost to their physical health, and help them stay stress- and anxiety-free. They'll get a total-body workout as they learn clinches, sweeps, and throws to take down opponents, plus gain confidence and connect with new friends. Our team at Eastside Dojo will help guide your student through a personalized fitness journey with their goals in mind -- it all starts here in Plano. 

Homeschool Judo classes at Eastside Dojo
  • Could qualify for your child's PE credit
  • Only costs $100/mo (2x a week)
  • Includes strength training elements

Our next session starts on 3/16 and ends on 5/6. We meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am-Noon. We would love for you to join us!

Learning Judo is an exciting, unique way to create lasting fitness. Train with us at Eastside Dojo and we'll connect your child with high-quality instruction oriented around achieving individual goals. We are your ultimate resource for fitness and martial arts training.

Join Us For Plano's Only Homeschool Judo Program!

Uncover your child's potential through Judo! Each class is designed to challenge your body and your mind, giving your child a great workout as he/she develops strategic thinking skills and learns self-defense. Join us at Eastside Dojo to get started on one of the area's best martial arts programs.

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